About Boulder Running Company

Gait Analysis- Our specialty

The Boulder Running Company was the first running store in the country to offer our customers a free video gait analysis, and we pride ourselves in continuing to offer this service today. The Gait analysis process: A video taped gait analysis helps determine the best shoe for your unique foot and stride. Ideally, when we tape you, your arches should remain in a neutral position throughout the gait cycle. In other words, excessive inward or outward rotation of your feet and ankles is a bad thing. Neutral, or straight (no inward or outward rotation) is ideal. Our fitting process begins with a videotape of you running or walking on a treadmill to see what specifically your foot is doing with each stride. Many runners and walkers overpronate, which occurs when your arch is allowed to collapse excessively, allowing too much inward rotation. This puts pressure on your knees, hips, shins, etc, and causes many common running injuries. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to solve with a supportive pair of shoes or over the counter orthotic device.

Do I need an appointment for a gait analysis?

No appointment is necessary. Simply stop in at one of our 3 Colorado locations, and our well trained staff will take care of all your footwear needs.

Our History

Over the years Boulder, Colorado has established itself as a hotbed of endurance sports, running in particular. For the last decade this image has been enhanced by the Boulder Running Company, a running and walking store largely responsible for raising the bar and expectations of specialty running stores throughout the country. By using free video gait analysis and some of the best trained and most committed staff in the country the store has proven that the right shoe can make the difference for a person's health and comfort, regardless of the person's shape, size or level of conditioning. The Boulder Running Company has become a vital landmark in Boulder.

Johnny Halberstadt and Mark Plaatjes, South African émigrés and running legends, take living and working in the preeminent running capital of the world seriously. Johnny and Mark add incredible character to the store. Johnny, who was the 1972 NCAA 10,000 meter champion (the year that PRE won the 5000) but was denied a chance to run in the Olympics, moved to the United States and established himself as one of the leading innovators in footwear technology with patents such as the divided heel. Mark, an athlete in the late 1980's in South Africa, with the help of Johnny was able to secure a scholarship and subsequently gain asylum in the United States and shortly after proudly won the 1993 World Championship Marathon for the US. Mark is now a world renowned physical therapist, and operates In Motion Rehabilitation; his own practice. 

Located in a city that hosts the annual Bolder Boulder, fourth largest 10k in the US with almost 45,000 runners participating each Memorial Day, the store is constantly assisting runners and solving problems. The free video gait analysis provides the information that the staff needs to help a find the right shoe for you. By maintaining a broad selection of all of the major brands (and most of the minor ones), the Boulder Running Company is sure to have the right shoe for you. For those who stroll at a more leisurely pace, the Boulder Running Company is proud to display its new casual and stylish footwear and clothing selections, including Keen, Naot, and Prana, just to name a few. Stop in and see for yourself.