• Fourth of July Races in Colorado and Beyond

    Planning on running a Fourth of July road race this Saturday? Don't worry, you certainly have options to choose from, nor will you be running alone as Independence Day is typically one of the busiest racing days of the year. Whether you're looking to run a new PR or just burn a few calories before your day is spent with apple pie and barbecues, check out our list of the top 5 Fourth of July races nationwide.

    Boulder, CO


    Any time there's potential to win your weight in beer, you better believe the winning times are as hot as Independence Day sunshine. When that beer happens to be from Avery Brewing Company, the times are even more competitive. Avery's Four on the Fourth 4K starts and finishes at the new Avery Brewing Company facilities in Boulder.

    Atlanta, GA


    Atlanta, GA- home of the Braves, Coca Cola, and the Atlanta Track Club, one of the largest track clubs in the country. Each year ATC puts on the Peachtree Road Race, not only the largest 10K in the country, but the world! Yes, you read that correctly, the largest 10K in the world is held each year in Atlanta, GA. As one might expect, organization of this race is top notch and with a crowd of over 60,000, has become a Fourth of July classic for people all over the country.

    Denver, CO


    On any given summer weekend, Washington Park in Denver is full with a sea of runners, walkers, cyclists, and rollerbladers soaking up the sun. Pick any given Saturday and chances are there's a race of some sort going on, and needless to say Fourth of July is no exception. The Liberty 4 Mile Run like most events in Wash Park is a looped course followed by post race celebrations that include a costume contest and prizes for the top finishers.

    Lexington, KY


    With a $500 first place prize and prizes given to the top 15 overall, the Bluegrass 10000 in downtown Lexington, KY, consistently pulls in a large crowd. 50% of the course is covered with shade, and runs through downtown.

    Hilton Head Island Firecracker 5K Run


    With over 1700 racers competing, the 30th running of the Hilton Head Firecracker 5K is one of the largest races in the state of South Carolina. Run in beautiful Hilton Head, the Firecracker 5K offers a kids fun run and a post race party, sure to be a good time.

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  • Sneak Peek- New Balance Vazee Pace


    What happens when you combine the best features of the original 890 and 1400? You get the all new Vazee Pace by New Balance. Designed and created by JF Fullum, the 890 and 1400 were huge hits for New Balance several years ago. JF went back to the drawing board in creating the Vazee Pace, looking for something that captured the signature features from both shoes and combining it into one.

    The Vazee Pace is a neutral training shoe idea for runners who don't need much stability or support, that can double as an everyday training shoe or tempo shoe. Built on the same last as the Zante and weighing in at 7.5 ounces with a 6mm heel to toe drop, you can see why it can be used for workouts, faster paced running, or even on race day. The fit of the upper is a bit more generous than that of the Zante, meaning it has more volume in the forefoot area which is great for runners with slightly wider feet.

    Available in two limited edition color options:
    VazeeMenLTDEditionMen VazeeMenLTDEditionWomen
    Limited Edition Men Limited Edition Women

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  • Kick Off Summer in a Healthy Way


    Now that summer is finally here, health, wellness, and fitness are on the forefront of people's minds. Whether you're coming out of your winter hibernation or looking to peak for a big race after solid winter and spring training, we put together a guide of the best products and accessories to help kickstart your summer in a healthy way:

    Stay Cool in the Heat:

    Sun's out, guns out- stay cool and dry with breathable, moisture wicking tops and bottoms. Designed to keep you cool and dry while fighting off the heat.


    Stay Motivated with the latest Technology:

    Love data? Need motivation? We've got all the latest tech tools that provide all the data you need and more to get you motivated and moving on the run this summer.


    Come Back Stronger and Keep Running Longer

    Help flush out lactic acid in your muscles and feel more fresh after a run with recovery gear.


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  • 3 Great Workouts to Kickstart Your Summer from Pear Sports

    We've partnered with our friends at Pear Fitness to bring you three great workouts to kickstart your summer off in a healthy way. Whether you run, walk, do yoga, or lift weights, use these workouts to improve your fitness and get you feeling fit for summer:

    Learn More:


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  • Hoka One One Clifton 2- Review


    One of the lightest and superbly cushioned models ever released from Hoka One One, the original Clifton made waves throughout the running industry by combining oversized, maximal cushioning properties in an ultra lightweight package.

    Never before had Hoka blended the best features of it’s sisters shoes in such a lightweight, versatile option. Runners used it for just about everything- as a lightweight, cushioned training shoe, a shoe for track and tempo days, or even as a racing flat particularly for half to full marathon distances or longer.

    Just like most Hoka One One running shoes, the Clifton 2 works well for a variety of runners regardless of stability needed. While the Clifton has a neutral platform, it does have inherent stability for overpronators.

    However all good things must come to an end- or do they? Now that the Clifton 2 has hit our shelves, we put together a review with our initial impressions.

    • Fortunately, Hoka recognizes a good thing when they see it, meaning by and large the Clifton 2 has been kept extremely similar to the original version. One noticeable difference, an improvement in our opinion, is the addition of a comfort tongue. If you had the original Clifton you’ll remember the tongue was merely a shaped piece of nubuck that discolored white socks. While adequate and done purely for weight reasons, the updated version now includes a padded tongue that fits better and keeps your white socks white!
    • Two other updates include an update to the shoelaces, and the overall fit of the upper. While fairly minor, the laces tighten down a bit better now and perform as you would expect any decent pair of laces to do. The upper remains lightweight and breathable, that fits very similar to the original Clifton.
    • The outsole remains identical to that of the original, which some people won’t even notice, while others may have some durability concerns. While reinforced rubber pods in strategic areas along the outsole improve durability, we do find the pods to wear down a bit early. Even if this does happen however, the midsole material still holds up very well regardless of surface run on, so you can still expect typical mileage out of them.
    • With around 100 miles on them so far, we can safely say that if you loved the original Clifton, the odds are stacked that you’ll love the Clifton 2. After everything from an 8 mile tempo run at marathon pace to longer, slower, recovery days, the Clifton 2 continues to be a versatile option that, while slightly heavier than the original, remains a remarkably lightweight, performance oriented training shoe.

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  • Top 3 Running Workouts for Beginners

    Running Workouts for Beginners

    One of the best things about running is you get out what you put in, regardless of how experienced a runner you may be. Without a doubt, there are few feelings more satisfying than setting goals, putting in the miles, and achieving them. Once you’ve got a level of base fitness and your goals change from perhaps simply finishing a race to running a PR (personal record), you’ll want to adjust your training to include more faster paced running and workouts.

    After all, the only way to run faster on race day is to practice running faster on your training runs. As a runner fairly new to the sport, you may not know what type of speed workouts to complete in order to increase your basic speed and perform at your best ability. Below are our top 3 best running workouts for beginners.

    3 Minutes On, 3 Minutes Off:
    This is a great workout regardless of fitness because it teaches your body to adapt to faster paced running for a manageable length of time. The workout itself is fairly straightforward- warm up with a 10-15 minute jog, followed by 3 minutes of faster paced running, followed immediately by 3 minutes of active recovery. A set is one session of 3 minutes “on” (or faster paced) followed by 3 minutes “off” (active recovery). Do this 5 times, then cool down with a 10-15 minute light jog.

    • 3 minutes on- Run the "on" session at 10-20 seconds per mile faster than your typical training pace. This needs to be run at a pace that you can maintain for 3 minutes without pushing yourself so hard that you cannot complete all 5 repeats at the target pace. For example, if you typical run 8:30 pace, run the on sessions at 8:05 – 8:15 pace. This should be hard, but not unbearably hard. The entire point of this workout is to teach your body how to adapt to faster paced running, meaning if you are unable to complete all 5 "on" sessions at 10-20 seconds faster than normal, you need to slow down. The workout is for naught if you fade and cannot complete all 5 repeats at the prescribed pace.
    • 3 minutes off- Run the "off" session at a pace that is slightly faster than your warmup pace, as the goal is an active recovery. For example if you warm up at 8:45 - 9:00 pace, run the active recovery at 8:20 – 8:30 pace.

    Hill Repeats:


    Particularly useful if you are planning on competing in a hilly race, hill repeats are a great workout to improve your strength as a runner. Even if you aren’t planning on running many hills, you will see a big jump in your fitness level by incorporating hill work into your training, a few sessions per month.

    • How to do them- Find a hill with a modest grade, challenging but not so steep that its impossible to run at a faster clip up it. If possible, ideally it will take you 2-3 minutes to run up it. Warm up with 10-15 minutes of light jogging, and then begin your repeats.
    • Run the “up” repeats at tempo effort- meaning at a comfortably difficult pace that you can maintain for all 5 repeats. You should get to the top of the hill feeling challenged, but not overly wiped out. For the recovery, jog back down the hill. Once you’ve finished your fifth repeat, jog 10-20 minutes to cooldown.

    Track Workouts:


    Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment from hitting the track. Track work will enhance your pure speed as you run faster paces for shorter distances, thus improving your speed and overall fitness. Keep in mind to limit the amount of track work you do to do no more than 15% of your overall weekly mileage to avoid burnout.

    • Track 101- One lap is equivalent to 400 meters, or a quarter of a mile. Thus one mile equals 1600 meters, or four laps. 800 meters is a half-mile, and on and on. Each 100M is marked with either a line going across all lanes, or numbers (1,2,3,4, etc) indicating you are at a 100, 200, or 300M mark. You’ll want to begin running from the finish line which will always be the North East corner of the track. Track etiquette is such that if you are warming up, cooling down, or between intervals, run in lanes 2-4 to let faster runners use lane 1. Use lane 1 when you are running an interval.
    • The Workout- Mix up the length of the intervals you run at first to get used to track work and avoid initial boredom. Warm up with a 10-15 minute jog, then run 4x400M (IE- run one lap 4 times) at a pace that is approximately 10-20 seconds faster than your current 5K race. Run one lap at active recovery pace between each set. Following the fourth set, jog 5 minutes around the track at a very easy recovery pace. Then run 4x200M sprints with 200M recovery between sets. Follow that by a 10-15 minute cooldown. This workout is long enough (1.5 miles of total running at sub 5K pace) that it will be challenging to complete while improving your basic speed, while avoiding burnout and injury by running too far of a distance at a fast clip.

    Try and do at least one of these workouts as part of your weekly mileage. You’ll quickly notice the improvement in your fitness, especially on race day!

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  • Top 5 Best Running Shorts For Men

    Even though it has been a pretty wet start to Spring in Colorado; temperatures are starting to rise, flowers are blooming, and lawns are turning green. With morning temperatures rising into the upper 40’s and lower 50’s, it’s time to bust out shorts for your morning or late afternoon run. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from if its time to upgrade, so be sure take a look at our guide to the top 5 best running shorts for men.

    It sounds strange, but the perfect pair of running shorts should be practically un-noticeable as you wear them on the run, meaning they should have plenty of coverage, pockets, and most importantly, not chafe. We’ve all been there, nothing is worse than being on a run far from home in a piece of clothing that’s rubbing your skin raw!

    Over the last 4 months, our staff has been wear testing shorts from short 20 minute jogs, up to a 35 mile race in Cape Town. Below are our top picks for the top 5 best men’s running shorts, in no particular order:

    Earlier in April, Jason was fortunate enough to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to run in the prestigious Two Oceans marathon, a 35-mile race along the coastal regions of the city. After much experimentation with different short options on runs of up to 4.5 hours in length, Jason chose to race in these shorts. Here’s why- “I wanted something that had a decent inner liner that wouldn’t chafe no matter how far I ran, with plenty of storage options that didn’t bounce or feel bulky. I tried just about everything and settled on these shorts, mainly because they are extremely comfortable and dry quickly. I was able to store 5 gels amongst the 3 pockets comfortably, allowing me to run without holding anything in my hands.”

    These shorts are 7 inches in length and feature a compression liner that extends mid thigh, meaning this liner wont ride up or move, making the Long Haul shorts an extremely comfortable, chafe free option.

    Best For- Anyone and everyone, from runners looking to get in a few easy miles on the treadmill at the gym to athletes training and competing in longer distances where comfort and performance are king.

    Smartwool PHD 5 Inch Short

    Made with an exterior shell that dries quickly and fits comfortably, Smartwool’s PHD 5 Inch shorts combine technical fabrics and merino wool. One of the many benefits of wool fibers is odor mitigation- you can literally run in these shorts all week with no noticeable “funk” after they dry, making these ideal for business trips or traveling. Simply let them air dry and the next morning they’ll just as fresh as they did before your first run. The durable and stretchy brief liner fits very comfortably, and a single zippered back pocket lets you store a key or credit card easily. 5 Inch length still provides above the knee coverage without being overly short.

    Best For- Anyone traveling with limited baggage space that doesn’t want to worry about sweat and odor.


    If you’ve seen a track meet on TV recently, chances are you’ve noticed more and more athletes competing in half tights. Half tights are fantastic for faster paced runs on hot or cool weather days as they breathe extremely well, with no chafing. Athletes competing in everything from sprints to jumps are starting to gravitate to these for comfort reasons; plus a form fit ensures no wind resistance- because when you’re chasing world records and titles, fractions of seconds add up. Whether or not you wear these on faster paced runs or not, you’ll appreciate a comfortable, form fit, with no chafing or irritation. The Infiniti Half Tights have an easily accessible zippered back pocket that stores keys and credit cards on the run.

    Best For- Athletes competing on race day, or anyone looking for a tighter, form fitting half tight for cool weather days.


    No list of best running shorts would be complete without mentioning Nike’s Phenom 2-in-1 Shorts. Year in and out, this is our number one selling men’s short for good reason- versatility and comfort. 7 inch length provides knee length coverage, so you can easily wear these on a group run or to the gym and run an errand afterward without having to worry about the length of your shorts. The liner is a compression liner that extends down just above the knee that won’t shift up or chafe, meaning its tough to find a more comfortable pair of shorts that works for just about anything you can think of.

    Best For- Runners and gym-goer’s alike thanks to a chafe free liner and full length coverage.


    Closely following the Phenom short is the Distance Short. The built in liner on these is brief length only, but still provides plenty of support and comfort. One added bonus with the Distance short is that it features two hand pockets, so it’s very easy to store anything you could need on longer runs. A zippered back pocket lets you securely store car keys and a credit card as well. Plus, the Distance short is available in multiple colors and patterns to mix things up when you get tired of running in all black.

    Best For- Runners going for long or short distances that want plenty of pockets and storage options.

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  • Top 8 Spring Running Accessories

    Spring is nearly here which means there's a ton of fresh, new accessories to try out in the warm weather! Check out our Spring Accessory Guide:


    1. Smartwool PHD Running Ultra Light Micro Socks – YES, wool is amazing to wear in warmer weather! The natural fibers wick away moisture keeping your feet dry and happy!


    2. Garmin Vivosmart – this awesome new activity tracker will keep up with both your workouts and social life through message alerts and other smart watch capabilities.


    3. Nike 4 Inch Woven Rival Shorts - these shorts have a wide flattering waist band and the smooth fabric lays just perfectly through your whole run.


    4. Skratch Pineapple – a nice switch up from the standard Lemon Lime flavor of most sport drinks. The tropical vibe will get you in the mood for summer!


    5. Nike Dri Fit Knit Tanks – these are one of my favorites to run in and I love the new fresh spring colors!


    6. Ultimate Direction Jenny Pack – it fits everything I need for a long run and disappears when I run in it thanks to the women specific cut…I seriously don't notice I'm wearing a pack!


    7. Trigger Point Foam Roller – the best way to recover after a hard run. Hurts so good!


    Last, but perhaps most important - Froyo with LOTS of sprinkles – okay maybe this isn't a running gear item, but I think it makes the perfect post long run treat!


    About the Author:

    Aimee, aka FunFitGirl, loves running, works at our Cherry Creek location, and has her own blog at FunFitGirl.com.


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  • Saucony Kinvara 6 Sneak Preview

    Saucony introduced the Kinvara several years ago as a lightweight trainer with minimal features that still had enough cushioning and durability to make it extremely versatile. If a racing flat were to be combined with an everyday trainer, the end result would be a Kinvara 6. Runners seeking a low drop, lightweight, yet protective trainer embraced the Kinvara for everything from faster paced running, everyday training, and even racing; and to fans of the Kinvara we say, have no fear- the Kinvara 6 retains the performance features you've come to expect with a few enhancements for Spring 2015.


    What's different from the Kinvara 5:
    • Updates have been kept to a minimum. The upper has been updated to a more open and breathable mesh, combined with a Pro Lock lacing system from the Kinvara 5 for an improved, more breathable and secure fit.
    • Weight has been kept the same as the Kinvara 5 (7.7 ounces for men and 6.5 ounces for women), and has Flexfilm material in the upper.


    Available in-store and online April 2nd.


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  • Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Sneak Preview

    Long known for being a superbly cushioned, everyday trainer for neutral runners, the Vomero 10 blends Zoom Air cushioning with a Lunarlon midsole for a surprisingly bouncy and resilient ride.


    Right off the bat, the Vomero 10 just feels "different" compared to previous versions. This is not necessarily a bad thing as we have heard from multiple runners that previous versions of the Vomero, while soft, have been a little too soft. The 10 certainly addresses this issue as the midsole is now a blend of Zoom Air and Lunarlon which adds a responsive feel instead of pure cushion.


    The upper is constructed from Nike Flywire cables combined with Flymesh for a snug and breathable fit, and an Ortholite insole gives an initial bit of cushioning upon first step in.


    Overall the Vomero 10 has what it takes to become an everyday training staple, however runners that have come to expect a pillowy soft ride will find this years version to be much more rigid and responsive.


    Who it's for:
    • Neutral runners seeking a well cushioned yet responsive every day training shoe.


    What's different from the Vomero 9?
    • Zoom Air cushioning units are now combined with Lunarlon for a more firm feeling than in the past. If you really dig cushioning, you'll find the Vomero 10 to be more rigid and firm feeling than what you're used to.


    Available in-store and online. Click here to buy your pair now.

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