Hoka One One- An Exciting, Breakthrough in Running Performance!

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Hoka One One Info Page

Which model is for me?

We all have different preferences and requirements, but here is a general guideline:

I run:

  • A. Primarily off road on both technical (rugged, rocky, lots of ascents and descents) and non technical (packed dirt, loose gravel) trails.  I look for shoes particularly well suited for longer runs with unsurpassed cushion, protection and efficiency.
  • B. On all types of surfaces, 50/50 mix of both on and off road surfaces.  I am looking for the same attributes as in A.
  • C. Mostly off road, but would prefer a streamlined technical package that is more suited to agile, faster paced running, with a more resilient and responsive ride that also works extremely well on paved surfaces.
  • D. Mostly on road or concrete surfaces with some trail running mixed in.


Mafate 2- Outsole

Stinson B Evo- Outsole

Stinson B Evo- Outsole

Bondi B- Outsole

Bondi B 2 and Bondi Speed- Outsole

Stinson Evo Tarmac- Outsole


If you answered A, consider the Mafate 2.  The aggressive lug profile and wide footprint of the Mafate make it ideal for those who run primarily off road.  It is an outstanding performer on tough, technical terrain.  An ideal shoe for training and competing in long distance events such as a trail marathon or ultra marathon.


If you answered B, take a close look at the Bondi B and Bondi Speed.  The lightest shoe in the current Hoka range, the Bondi B is engineered primarily for road use, yet performs surprisingly well on dirt and less technical trails (as evidenced by the numerous ultra trail races won by elite runners wearing this shoe).  With its slightly reduced midsole thickness and north/south rocker profile, the Bondi B is particularly well suited as an efficient, yet plush everyday trainer for light to medium framed runners and as a racer/fast workout trainer for bigger framed athletes.  In longer training runs and races is where the Bondi B really excels.  Triathletes are also finding the shoe to be a huge benefit, especially when transitioning off the bike with extremely fatigued legs. Carried forward from last year, this shoe incorporates the same midsole technology as the Mafate, but has more road friendly outsole profile that is more durable on concrete, yet still retains surprisingly good traction on trail surfaces. The Bondi Speed has the same midsole, outsole, and level of cushioning as the Bondi B, however is ever so slightly lighter and comes standard with speed laces; making it an ideal race ready (think Ironman Triathlons) shoe.


If you answered C, the Stinson B Evo (as in Evolution) is probably your best choice.  The Evo is more streamlined for performance, ideal for racing an ultra-marathon yet also great for everyday training.  The outsole is more aggressive than the original Stinson B, so it performs extremely well on trails and on concrete.  The shoes are fitted with efficient, lightweight speed laces for easy on, easy off access.  Traditional laces and an alternative super lightweight Ortholite sockliner is included with each pair so that the fit can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of widths and foot shapes.


If you answered D, the Stinson Evo Tarmac would be an excellent choice.  The Stinson Evo Tarmac is the sister shoe of the original Stinson Evo, and remains a streamlined, performance oriented trainer that is ideal for everyday training, yet light enough for longer distance racing such as half and full Ironman Triathlons.  A road outsole makes the Tarmac ideal for runners who train primarily on concrete and asphalt, yet still performs well on off-road surfaces.


It is important to note that Hoka shoes run pretty true to size. We have found the Bondi B 2 and Bondi Speed run slightly more narrow than other models, so if you have wide feet considering trying a half size up to give you more volume.


What is it?- An exciting new way to run!

  • Hoka One One's maximally cushioned midsoles offer superior protection, comfort and propulsion. The distinctive rockered geometry creates a platform for optimally efficient natural running mechanics.
  • The oversized outsoles have fifty percent more surface area than typical running shoes- allow for maximum stability, traction and connection to the ground.
  • Not only do they provide a sense of weightlessness, superior comfort and efficiency but Hoka's athlete results prove optimal performance. They have recorded over 30 podium finishes on five continents in the past 18 months.
  • Finally, Hoka One One running shoes are amazingly light, up to 15 percent lighter than many other shoes, they make running uphill as much fun as they make running downhill and with less body fatigue.


Hoka One One embraces and adds stimulating new dimensions to running. It's fun. It's fast. It's freedom. It's flying. Hoka One One shoes allow your feet to move freely and naturally. Engineered for maximum cushioning, comfort, protection and energy return, while still offering lightweight, nimble performance and uninhibited movement.


How Hoka One One Shoes Benefit Your Running:

  • Improved running form with less impact- Lab tests have shown that Hoka's rockered midsole geometry and low heel-toe differential encourages proper form by allowing a runner to easily strike the ground near the midfoot.
  • Support where you need it- Slow motion video confirms that the extra foam in the midsoles also greatly reduces the rate of pronation and supination by quickly stabilizing the movement of the foot upon impact with the ground.
  • Added Stabilization- Ideal for running trails with abrupt climbs, steep descents and technical features such as rocks, roots and trail debris. The uniquely designed midsole softens the increased impacts of downhill running and acts as a buffer against jagged obstacles on the trail. While traditional low-to-the-ground shoes can be very unstable on rocky trails, Hoka shoes are reliably steady because the additional midsole foam helps the stabilize the foot by allowing the outsole make secure contact with the ground.


What to expect from Hoka Running Shoes:

  • Running in Hoka shoes is like nothing you've ever experienced, and it's something you'll never forget. Unlike shoes that produce a hard or rigid feeling, Hokas offer up luxurious softness and a sensation of weightlessness. You lose yourself in every stride- you bounce, you float, you soar, you fly.
  • Runners of any age and experience level will appreciate the performance values of Hokas. Whether you're running a 5K or training for an ultramarathon, the unique design, shape and midsole resiliency of the shoes can help improve your running form, instill efficient running mechanics, softly cushion your stride and reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.
  • New runners will find them comfortable and forgiving, while veteran racers will appreciate the liveliness they put into every stride as well as the reduced time necessary for recovery.


Customer reviews of Hoka One One Shoes:


Stinson B Evo:
  • Posted 3/29/12 by Scott F-"Great fit for my wide forefoot high instep. Ordered my usual 11's - no regrets. They seem to mold to your foot as you run. Seems easier up/downhilling. I adapted to minimalist shoes, & like the near - level feel of these, - PLUS all the cushioning you could ever want. I also run in the new terrafly 303's (inov-8), which also fits the wider full volume foot. These Evo's are really confidence inspiring though, as I plan to do at least two 100's this yr!"
  • Posted 2/17/12 by Vigran-"As a lifelong runner here in Eugene, Oregon, I've grown up with the evolution of the running shoe, from Onitsuka Tigers to custom made Nikes and a variety of brands inbetween. Nothing compares to this shoe, and I've enjoyed the Mafate and the Bondi as well. The "fit and finish" of all of the Hokas is fantastic, and because of this you can expect a great run from step one. The Stinson B Evo is stable, light, springy, and because of the structure, you get a lift and forward boost as the shoe comes off the surface. I run primarily on paved surfaces, but also on Pre's Trail here and this shoe handles both extremely well. No heavy legs at the end of a run. I'm on the waiting list for another pair!"


Bondi B:
  • Posted 5/8/11 by BabyDoctoral-"I recently had an unusual injury, probably a high hamstring strain that seemed very sensitive to running on the road, though I could run on a treadmill. Thinking that cushioning might be part of the problem, I picked up a pair of these shoes at the Boulder Running Co. while out in Colorado, after reading a review by Dave Mackey on his blog. They are fantastic, extremely well-cushioned but quite light. I found myself able to run outside again with no discomfort and have bumped my mileage back to my usual 40-50/ week right away. For those who are into minimalist running, these are not the shoes to wear, but if you want to do a long run and have your legs feel fresher than they ever have, you cannot top Bondi B's for comfort. The first few times you wear them, they feel quite different, but you will soon wonder how you ever ran in anything else."
  • Posted 7/7/11 by Seumis-"Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a hardcore runner, i.e. not an ultramarathoner. I run half-marathons, usually putting in 20-30 miles per week. I also have a tendency to get hurt (almost all my running is on pavement and concrete)--feet, knees, hips, etc.. With these shoes, there is no pain after my runs, which is very pleasurably unusual. I've only been running in them for a few weeks, but if they hold up, and keep me on the road, I may move up to full marathons. They do take a little getting used to, and they run about one-half size small, and they are pricey, but not nearly as pricey as injuries. I'll be purchasing more."


  • Posted 3/14/12 by Gus in Tucson-"I bought these shoes after reading so many rave reviews. I love trail running, compete in triathlon and road races but as a 6 ft, 185 lb, 60 yr old my legs aren't what they used to be. My first run in my Stinsons I intended a short trial run on some road and trail. However the Hokas were so incredibly cushioned and stable I ran for close to 3 hrs on the very rugged Tucson Mountain Park trails. I was amazed at how great my legs felt and how quickly the time flew by. Three days later I ran up Sabino Canyon on the steep phone line trail and then back down on the paved road racing a younger tri guy. This is a serious downhill run which I would not have attempted at a fast pace with my other conventional trail runners.. The Hokas are like running on a cloud. My legs felt great during and after the run. My only concern is the durability of the sole running on the sharp rocky trails here. The road or dirt/ gravel shouldn't be a problem. Stability is not an issue on any terrain as your foot sits deep inside the shoe. All in all a fantastic new running experience."
  • Posted 2/17/12 by Kevin-"I have tried about every shoe out there to keep me running reduce impact and be easy on my knee's. My situation is I am former athlete (football player) and have arthritis in my knee's. Docs say give up running but I love it too much and the health benefits out weigh the challenge of the arthritis. So I tried a pair of the Hoka Stinson's and immediately I ran without pain and further and faster than I have in years. The roll technology is awesome but during intervals I stayed on my forefoot the entire time and the cushoning was great. I have since lost 15 pounds and plan on even trying the Bolder Boulder. These shoes are awesome for me, a larger runner in need of cushion and staying in alignment biomechnically. I would encourage everyone to try this shoe you may never switch back to other technologies.



With the goal of designing shoes for optimal performance, comfort, efficiency and fun, Hoka One One has pioneered a new philosophy in running by merging aspects of minimalism and maximalism. Several key performance traits of the oversized technology trend in skiing, mountain biking, golf, tennis have been incorporated, while also paying heed to recent footwear advances that aid in natural foot motion and efficient running mechanics. That innovation combination is what allows a runner to float over the ground with every stride, momentarily defying gravity on every step.

  • Magic in the Midsole- Runners can fly in Hokas because they float over the ground instead of repeatedly pounding into it. Although the density of the midsole foam is about 30% less than traditional shoes and the volume is around 2.5x greater, the resilient, high quality, responsive foam provides a springy yet stable exhilarating ride. The extra cushioning dissipates up to 80 percent of the shock associated with ground contact. Combined with a low heel to toe differential, runners of all abilities on any terrain are able to relax and run with tremendous confidence.
  • More Travel- The voluminous midsole allows for two- to three-times the vertical travel of conventional running shoes. The benefits mirror those of mountain bike suspensions on technical terrain. In other words, more cushion equals a softer ride with better control. Better control means you can run fast, efficiently and safely on any type of terrain.
  • Traction and Stability- A 50 percent increase in outsole surface area (compared to traditional running shoes) improves grip and stability. The additional surface area allows greater contact with the ground, allowing your foot to dynamically engage the ground while the shoe's outsole gains maximum traction on pavement, dirt trails or rocky surfaces.
  • Improved Running Posture- Hoka shoes are designed with a 40mm thick sole design and a 13cm rocker profile that extends over the front half of the shoe. These unique design attributes allow for a fluid stride and very well cushioned ride with natural transitions that lessen the movement of the knee by as much as 20 percent, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing the possibility for injury.
  • Feather-Light Weight- Counterintuitive as it seems, Hoka oversized shoes are up to 15 percent lighter than most running shoes yet are at least as durable. They'll make running uphill as much fun as they make running downhill and with less leg and overall body fatigue.



  • Inspired by a variety of sports and the freeride mentality, Hoka takes cues from technological and design advancements in running, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, golf and tennis. Just as barefoot-style running shoes, 29-inch mountain bike wheels, fat powder skis, oversized tennis racquets, jumbo-sized golf club heads have increased power, performance, efficiency, agility and self-expression, the unique design of Hoka shoes have shattered any preconceived limits of running.

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