Ever run in a gorilla suit? Now’s your chance

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Boulder Running Company joins many sponsors in the most fun run of the year in support of helping to save the Mountain Gorillas of Africa made famous by zoologist Dian Fossey

DENVER, CO – You already know we go ape for running here at Boulder Running Company, and it’s at this time of year that we take that passion and put it to the ultimate test: The Denver Gorilla Run, the 9th annual, a wonderful 5k event where every participant wears a gorilla suit, will be held in downtown Denver on Saturday Oct. 27, and we are proud to be among the key sponsors.

The Denver Gorilla Run is a fundraising event for The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF), which is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the highly endangered mountain gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The plight of the mountain gorilla was brought to light in 1985 by the renowned gorilla researcher and zoologist Dian Fossey, who then noted that only 248 of these magnificent creatures remained in the wild. Unfortunately, Ms. Fossey was murdered in Rwanda in 1985, but her friend Ruth Morris Keesling kept a promise to help the gorillas, founded the MGCF in 1987, and through its efforts since then the wild Mountain Gorilla population has grown to an estimated 790 in the jungles.

The work continues, however, and the Denver Gorilla Run has become a chief support mechanism in the effort.

Plus, it is just flat-out one of the most interesting, unique and fun events of the year in Colorado.

Every participant in the event gets a full gorilla suit with their entry fee – body suit, hands and gorilla head/mask – and returning participants who come back with last year’s suit pay about half for the entry fee. There are also gorilla suits available for youngsters, and the fee for kids is reduced.

And while we’re into running – and will be running – The Gorilla Run also welcomes walkers and bike riders. The race kicks off at 11 a.m. on Saturday Oct 27  in front of the Wynkoop Brewing Co. downtown at 18th and Wynkoop streets, right in front of Union Station. Check-in begins at 9 a.m. The route will lead participants through Lodo, then on to the Platte River through the city and many urban parks, and it will pass many noted Denver landmarks along the way. It is a nice flat course going through the heart of Denver, along the scenic bike paths on the Platte and Cherry Creek, and many children will be among the participants.

As for time, a 5K is 3.1 miles and if you are running and it will probably take about 25-30 minutes. Last year's winning time was 17 minutes. For those walking the 5K, it should not take more than 1 hour.

The finish line is also at the Wynkoop Brewery, and following the raqce Wynkoop St. will be closed off between 17th and 18th streets for a fun-filled afternoon called the Silverback Block Party, featuring food tents from 10 sponsoring Denver restaurants who will be catering lunch, a beer garden and a variety of live music. Tickets to the Silverback Block Party are included with the registration packet and additional tickets for non-race-participants can be purchased.

In addition to the registration fee, participants are encouraged to round up sponsors to make donations in support of the runners/walkers/bikers, and all of the proceeds will go to the MGCF. Many people sign up in teams and over the years some outrageous and highly fun names and outfits have been part of the festivities. For example:  Hula Gorilla Team and you all wear hula skirts. Indeed, nearly everyone wearing a gorilla suit has added their own flair to the costume and to the event.

Along with Boulder Running Company, a Gorilla Sponsor, key sponsors include: Wynkoop Brewing Company (Silverback Sponsor); Lodo’s Bar and Grill, British Airways and the Denver Zoo (all Blackback Sponsors); Service Source (Primate Sponsor); Choice Image (Gorilla Sponsor); and Denver’s Channel 7 (Media Sponsor).

The Silverback Party sponsors include the Wynkoop and Lodo’s, along with Colorado Craft, The Cherry Cricket, The Goose Town Tavern, Amato’s Ale House, Wazee Lounge and Supper Club, Ghost Plate & Tap, Gaetano’s, and Breckenridge Brewery.

For complete details visit the website of the Denver Gorilla Run. To register go to http://www.denvergorillarun.com/registration.html. Act quickly as ticket prices go up on Oct. 26 and 27. Check out the Denver Gorilla Run Facebook page for specials.

For all of your running needs – except gorilla suits – the best possible source for running shoes, apparel, gear, accessories and the camaraderie of the running community is Boulder Running Co. We’re based in Boulder and have additional stores in Littleton, Greenwood Village and Colorado Springs. Call 800-807-6179 for more information or visit the Boulder Running Company Facebook page.

See you in downtown Denver on Saturday Oct. 27 for the most fun you could possibly have at the Denver Gorilla Run. Bring your own bananas.



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