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Inov-8 Shoes- Natural Running

Based in "England's last Wilderness", the Northern Pennines, Inov-8 is a British company that's passionate about specialist off-road running and extreme sports products. Inov-8 is committed to providing you with functional, lightweight products that will enhance your performance and enjoyment. Ideal for use in the harshest conditions, Inov-8's aggressive outsoles and high performance uppers keep you focused on high performance outdoors.

  • Inov-8 takes a "less is more" approach in terms of footwear design and construction. Most Inov-8 models feature minimal footwear technology and allow your feet to function they way they want to .
  • Using very low heel-to-toe ratios (typically less than 4mm), Inov-8 shoes offer a true natural running experience. The F-lite 230 and F-lite 195 have recently been embraced by the CrossFit community as well.
  • Sizing- All sizes listed are in U.S sizes.