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  • The Stinson B Evo from Hoka One One features improvements to both the fit and the outsole. The rationale for the original Stinson B model was to create a shoe equally at home on the roads as well as trails by combining the best features of sister shoes the Bondi and Mafate. The exciting new Stinson B Evo (as in evolution) takes that concept to a whole new level with dramatically enhanced performance, efficiency, fit and feel, that will benefit a broad spectrum of runners and walkers.

    For more information about how Hoka One One shoes work, what they can do for you, inspiration behind the brand, what customers are saying, and how to decide which model works best for you,visit our Hoka One One information page.

    The Evo is suitable for use on all types of on and off road terrain thanks to increased outsole traction while providing responsive cushioning, stability, and efficiency unlike anything else in the market today.

    Oversized, yet amazingly light and stable, the midsole technology provides a remarkably smooth, yet incredibly efficient ride guaranteed to impress. Similar to the way a full suspension mountain bike functions, stress on the body is greatly reduced, making it an ideal training or racing shoe for ultrarunners, marathoners, triathletes, or anyone looking to really enjoy their outdoor activities on foot, no matter the terrain.

    The Stinson B Evo has been enhanced with a few new features making it perfect for everyday training yet light enough for race day performance:
    • A new light-weight outsole design has much better traction on all surfaces, even technical terrain, thanks to strategically placed high abrasion resistant lugs.
    • The fit and comfort of the upper has been improved particularly with respect to the forefoot area.
    • Efficient, lightweight speed laces are included.
    • The midsole has been enhanced with a more contoured sidewall providing slightly more width while still remaining snug.
    • The Evo has been engineered for superior protection, comfort and propulsion with rockered geometry that creates a platform for optimally efficient natural running mechanics.

    Like all other Hoka OneOne models, the Stinson B Evo has a lower ramp angle from heel to toe of only 4mm and a precisely engineered rockered forefoot and rearfoot. The midsole encourages the wearer to move in a manner similar to the way a barefoot runner does on soft surfaces. This low ramp angle also allows for tremendous confidence running downhill, and the oversized midsole is designed to maximize muscle efficiency through the reduction of stress on all muscles and joints, regardless of surface or distance.

    How it Works:
    • Recent breakthroughs in materials technology allow for 2.5 to 3 times the usual amount of ultra lightweight resilient foam to be utilized in the patent pending midsole, which is scientifically designed with a midsole geometry engineered to provide far superior biomechanical efficiency, cushioning, responsiveness and performance.
    • When running or walking, the feather-light EVA midsole compresses to providing excellent shock absorption- it springs back under the forefoot for increased acceleration and propulsion.
    • Despite the shoes being drastically more cushioned than virtually anything else on the market, because it has approximately 50% more surface area in contact with the ground and a midsole that positions the foot deeply recessed into it, the shoe provides lateral stability and protection on a level similar to many traditional stability running shoes without any midsole posting.

    • Weight- 10.4 ounces, size 9.
    • Heel to Toe Drop- 4mm.

    The Evo is offered in half sizes up to size 14. Size 14 is the largest size made. We have found the Evo to be running true to size, thus if you typically wear size 9 in traditional shoes, order a size 9. 

  • Customer Reviews

    Excellent long distance trail shoe Review by Joe
    Ive had the Stinson Evo's for a couple weeks now and I love them! I've run a few 10, 16 and a 22 miler in them, all on the trails. My legs recovered in half the time as my previous favorites, the Montrail Badrocks. Excellent feel, good grip, great recovery! (Posted on 8/5/12)
    great shoe, need a more breathable model Review by outrider
    I'm 6'3, 210, age 52, and had been having joint pain after running, Got the Stinson B Evo's and they have given me new life on the trails and roads. Best running shoe ever, love the cushioning uphill and down. My only complaint is they are not very breathable, feet get hot in warm weather. Hope to see some new models soon.
    (Posted on 6/17/12)
    Stunningly great shoes Review by Jim H.
    This brilliantly engineered shoe is a game changer for me - a middle aged, big, midfoot striker addicted to dirt, but still on pavement every third run or so. They smoooottthhh the run but somehow do not feel overly squishy or unstable in the least - more like being in four-wheel drive and solid on the trail. They do not wear or perform as "tall" as the pictures suggest - your foot sinks into the shoe significantly - kind of like a Temperpedic mattress - and then stops and firms up - the foam seems to conform to your foot shape and snug up just right. You will not turn your ankle or fall off the shoes - they have the midsole and big footprint dialed just right - great stability between shoe and Earth. The ride is special and you notice it right away - instead of a hard sole's bashing and platforming on rugosities, this shoe more or less "absorbs" them and knocks the edges off. Fit is perfect for me - just the right snugness around the heel, no irritating edges against the Achilles or ankle bones, no play - like molded onto the rear foot. The fit up front - sized one-half up from my normal size - is just right for my relatively high volume, higher arched, slightly wider-than-D forefoot. I usually wear 10.5 US - the 11's in this shoe fit me like a glove. The as-equipped speed laces are great - just snug enough, solid lock, thoughtful bands to tuck away the tail. Best thing of all is when the run is over, and the day following a hard run - remarkably less fatigue and stress on the big joints. I've done the minimalist thing - and I generally like it - but you can run the same way in these shoes (the drop is truly just 4mm), and midfoot strike as you should, but without feeling like someone played a long drum solo on the bottom of your feet or having to do the tap-dancing routine over roots and technical rocks. You can just friggin' GO! I think the VFFs and slipper type shoes just got relegated to strength training sessions. (Posted on 6/12/12)
    Great Shoes! Review by Tevis M.
    I have been wearing Hoka's exclusively for almost 2 years now, and have 2 pairs of Mafate's, 1 pair of Mafate water proof (which I prefer in winter using Kahtoola Microspikes), and a pair of Bondi-B (road shoe), and recently bought a pair of Hoka Stinson Evo's. Because of a knee injury, I am running for the first time in 30 years because of the incomparable impact reduction of the Hoka's mid-sole. There is NO high impact! I primarily do trail running. I want to comment primarily on the Hoka Evo here; this is the latest addition to the Hoka family of running shoes. After trail running in the Hoka Stinson Evo for several months now, it is my opinion that this is the best Hoka ever designed (for trails; the Bondi is still preferable for road running). The Evo has a fit and feel that makes it more comfortable than, and superior to the Mafate. The fit is snug, but not tight, and VERY comfortable. It holds your foot in place, so your foot does not slide around at all inside the shoe. It is also a more nimble shoe, most likely because the front half of the shoe is narrower, and it is also lighter in weight. The snug fit and nimble feel makes it easier and more precise to navigate technical rocky terrain with greater confidence and control. The outer sole has a tread design that is superior and provides better traction on steep or slippery trail surfaces. And, I really like the speed lacing system. I love this shoe, and I particularly like the design with "Hoka OneOne" in big blue letters on the side of the shoe, with a white background. From a design stand point, this is the best looking shoe EVER! I will be buying a second pair of these shoes very soon. (Posted on 5/9/12)
    Ultra-comfortable Review by Scott F.H.
    Great fit for my wide forefoot high instep. Or'd. my usual #11's - no regrets. They seem to mold to your foot as you run. Seems easier up/downhilling. I adapted to minimalist shoes, & like the near - level feel of these, - PLUS all the cushioning you could ever want. I also run in the new terrafly 303's (inov-8), which also fits the wider full volume foot. These Evo's are really confidence inspiring though, as I plan to do at least two 100's this yr. ! (Posted on 3/29/12)
    Love the improvements! Review by Tom C.
    I've been running in the Hoka Bondi's for roughly a year now and have really enjoyed them, minus a few fit issues.

    First off the Evo's sizing and fit is much better which is great for my wide feet, I now no longer need to size up a half size. The outsole is also improved and actually has lugs, , the Bondi's outsole wears down really quickly in my opinion as major portions of it are not reinforced with an actual "outsole" it's more like an extension of the midsole. The Evo's lugs extend from heel to toe and I really like the improved traction particularly on trails around where I live.

    The price is a bit high for my liking but the added cushion is really worth it to me. Overall I'm really happy with this shoe, the fit is much better and the speed laces don't really bother me, I've been able to get the fit dialed in thus far. In the box are regular laces come for people who want to swap out the speed laces, as well as an extra insole that is much thinner than the one that is standard inside the shoes. I put the thin one in and removed the standard one to give my feet more room as my feet are very wide. So far this working out.

    Overall try this shoe out- it is a very pleasant surprise! (Posted on 2/17/12)
    Best shoe on the market Review by Vigran
    As a lifelong runner here in Eugene, Oregon, I've grown up with the evolution of the running shoe, from Onitsuka Tigers to custom made Nikes and a variety of brands inbetween. Nothing compares to this shoe, and I've enjoyed the Mafate and the Bondi as well. The "fit and finish" of all of the Hokas is fantastic, and because of this you can expect a great run from step one. The Stinson B Evo is stable, light, springy, and because of the structure, you get a lift and forward boost as the shoe comes off the surface. I run primarily on paved surfaces, but also on Pre's Trail here and this shoe handles both extremely well. No heavy legs at the end of a run. I'm on the waiting list for another pair! (Posted on 2/17/12)
    Wider footbed, narrower sole.... Review by Gus in California
    First of all, I had to send the shoe back because of fit factors. Right now, I don't mind the Hoka prices because this company is doing something MUCH different, it's a relatively successful design, and the ride can't be duplicated with any other shoes. The Evo is a bit different from the XT Combo - which I've been using and enjoying. There are three main items which caused me to back away from the Evo: 1. After tightening the quick laces, I place my weight on one foot and intentionally roll my foot outwards (simulating off chamber) and the shoe should stick with my foot. Despite tightening the laces, my foot rolls at 30 degrees or so. The length is fine, but the fit HAS to be snug in the midfoot/heel with these tall shoes. 2. The outer heel midsole compresses quite a bit more than the XT COMBO - feels like major supination. 3. The overall outer sole is narrower (surface contact with the ground) than the XT COMBO. Hoka shoes are obviously taller, but the Evo feels a little too wobbly.

    On the positive side, the tongue and upper material has been thinned (compared to XT Combo) and feels more comfortable on top of the foot, not stiff. The tread is a bit more aggressive without having hiking boot lugs.

    The quick lace system is more of a simple lace lock with some stiff strings. This lacing is not comparable to what's found on the Solomon shoes. The shoe box contained an extra pair of regular laces and an extra pair of purely flat insoles. There is no info on how to "tweak" the shoe. In my opinion, with these taller profile shoes, Hoka has to keep the mid-foot narrow/snug, as well as the heel area. I also think that regular laces should be the norm with these taller shoes. With my XT Combos, I like being able to modulate the tightness/looseness to get a totally dialed fit when this high off the ground. The toe box is wider in this shoe - and that's great - feels wide enough for 24 hours of running. There are, however, some seams which could become a problem in the toebox area. (Posted on 2/12/12)


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